Graduate Professional Development Program Survey: Towards a National Strategy

University of Waterloo

General Information

Office responsible for graduate development programs:Graduate Studies Office
Contact name:Angela Rooke
Contact information:519-888-4567 ext 31040.
Name of program:GRADventure
Social media accounts related to program:
Who is responsible for updating information for websites?Angela Rooke

Graduate Professional Development Programs

What sessions are available, in person or online? (workshops, webinars, blog, etc.) Except for the Mitacs sessions and the sessions, which we advertise through our GPS program, all of our workshops are in person. We also have a blog and will be launching some student profiles soon, to bring attention to the importance of engaging in professional development.
Are there sessions specifically for international students?Not as part of GRADventure
Are there mentorship or internships opportunities included in the program?No
What skills or competencies do the sessions focus on?Connect series: Communication, teaching, knowledge translation Inquire series: Responsible conduct of research, ethics, information management Strategize series: Career development, leadership and management, professional and personal effectiveness
List sessions by topic and identify those in highest demand.I do not currently have data on which workshops are in highest demand (we are still a new program _ launched in January 2016).
Who is eligible for sessions? (students, postdocs, alumni, etc.)Most sessions are open to Master?s students, PhD students and postdocs. We only advertise workshops that are exclusive to this population (no undergraduate student workshops are included)
Are professional development programs mandatory for students to graduate; or are they part of a student-supervisor checklist?No
Does the program offer academic credit or formal recognition (badges, certificates, etc.) to participants?Not at this time, but it is an option that we are exploring. Our GPS program partners (Student Success Office and Centre for Teaching Excellence) do offer certificate programs on the subjects of leadership and teaching, respectively.
Who develops and delivers the sessions? (graduate studies, other departments, students, professors, alumni, external organizations, etc.)Our program partners facilitate the sessions (Centre for Teaching Excellence, Centre for Career Action, Library, Oddice of Research, Writing Centre, etc.) Since launching GRADventure, several new workshops have been developed collaboratively between units (e.g. Centre for Teaching Excellence collaborating with the Writing Centre to develop a new workshop). Additionally GRADventure organizes full- or half-day events that bring together different units under one theme (e.g. A ûresearch mattersË event (with free lunch) that covered topics ranging from copyright to commercialization to intellectual property)
How are the sessions promoted?Via GRADventure website, twitter, graduate-student e-news, and on the campus partner websites
How do participants register? (through a centralized system or a partner company)Participants register through the campus partner websites
Is there additional cost or fees for registrants?No

Statistic Information

How many sessions run each year?Approximately 150
How many staff members are involved in administering the central sessions?The Graduate Studies Office has one staff member working on GPS. This year, we have special one-time funding to hire PhD students to support communications and outreach. 3 students worked 10 hrs per week in the fall term only. Another 3 will work 10 hrs per week in the winter term only.
What are the registration capacities and participation rates? (per each session, total enrolment, breakdown in number of students/ postdocs/alumni, breakdown by faculty etc.)This is not information that I have on hand.
How is participation in sessions tracked? Each campus partner tracks attendance individually
Is there information available to measure the effectiveness of attending sessions and securing employment after graduation?Not yet centrally

Departmental Level

Do departments offer professional development programs internally? If so, which?Some departments do. There are a few that have ûprofessionalization seminars,Ë such as Biology and English.
Are there collaborative offerings between departments and the graduate professional development program office?Not at this time, but the departments often ask our program partners to visit classrooms and create custom workshops to address their students? needs.

General Questions

Do you incorporate labor market information and outcomes into the development of specific components of graduate professional development programs? Not at this time
Do you incorporate strategies for developing positive relationships with employers?Not at this time
Is there any additional information you would like to share?I am thrilled that CAGS is taking the initiative to do a survey. I hope we do this every few years!