Sondage sur le Programme de perfectionnement des étudiants des cycles supérieurs : vers une stratégie nationale

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Renseignements généraux

Bureau responsable des programmes de perfectionnement des étudiants des cycles supérieurs : Faculty of Graduate Studies
Nom du responsable :Tara Christie, PhD. Manager, My GradSkills
Coordonnées du responsable :
Nom du programme : My GradSkills
Site Internet :
Comptes de médias sociaux liés au programme :
Qui est responsable de la mise à jour des renseignements pour les sites Internet?My GradSkills Communications and Events Coordinator.

Programmes de perfectionnement professionnel des étudiants des cycles supérieurs

Quelles sessions sont offertes, en personne ou en ligne? (ateliers, webinaires, blogue, etc.)The University of Calgary offers many workshops for graduate students. To help graduate student determine which workshops are of high quality (with clear learning objectives and expert instructors) and have been designed specifically for them (versus an undergraduate audience), the Faculty of Graduate Studies accepts requests for endorsement of workshops from Partners across Campus. The sessions listed below have been evaluated and approved by the program evaluation committee, and endorsed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, My GradSkills program. Research Services: Understanding my Intellectual Property Rights Graduate Students’ Association: Information Interviewing A Strategic Tool for Job Searching Negotiating Your Dream Job Social Media and the Job Seeker Tips and Strategies to Give You the Cutting Edge Understanding Canadian Business Culture and Hiring Process Taylor Family Digital Library: Managing Your References with EndNote Managing Your References with Mendeley Visualization: Using Tableau (beginner + advanced) Visualization: Using Visual Variables Visualization: Using the TFDL Visualization Studio Copyright: What you Need to Know for Your Thesis and Teaching Turning Your Thesis into a Book Owning Your Research Output Effective Research for Your Literature Review Keeping Current with Your Research: Using Alerting Services Research Data Management Library Health Sciences Library: EndNote (PC + Mac) Mendeley Conducting Systematic Reviews @ HSL Searching MEDLINE Systematically @ HSL Faculty of Graduate Studies: Respect in the Research Environment: Lessons from Neuroscience Effective Presentation Skills: Vocal Presence Scholarship: Graduate Award Competition Scholarship: Vanier Scholarship: NSERC PhD Scholarship: SSHRC PhD Scholarship: CHR PhD Scholarship: CGS Masters Mitacs: Practice Your Presentation Skills 1 Time Management Build your Scientific and Technical Writing Skills Skills of Communication Networking Skills Discovering the Entrepreneur Within Environmental Health and Safety: Biosafety Program Training Biosafety Laboratory Training Biosafety Bloodborne Pathogens Students’ Union Wellness Centre: Building a Successful Supervisory Relationship Moving Beyond Conflict in Supervisory Relationships Preparing to Defend Your Thesis: Managing Your Anxiety Managing Presentation Anxiety Career Services: Interview Strategies for Academic Careers Interview Strategies for Non-Academic Careers Introduction to Job Search for Non-Academic Careers Resumes for Non-Academic Careers Translating Your CV into a Resume for Non-Academic Careers Professional Networking Skills for Graduate Students (Networking 201) Taking the Wheel: Making the Most of Your Graduate Career Development Leadership and Student Engagement: StrengthsQuest Student Success Centre: Writing at the Graduate Level: Getting Started Writing at the Graduate Level: Academic Integrity & Using Sources Effectively Writing at the Graduate Level: Strategies for Developing Research Proposals Writing at the Graduate Level: Strategies for Writing Literature Reviews Writing at the Graduate Level: Revising and Editing Writing at the Graduate Level: Critical Thinking and Scholarly Writing Writing at the Graduate Level: Strategies for Reflective Writing Writing at the Graduate Level: Strategies for Writing Scientific Research Papers Developing Your Presentation Skills Staying Motivated and Managing Your Time Career Services and Graduate Students? Association: Assessing Your Transferable Skills Developed in Your Graduate Program Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning: Teaching Assistant Orientation • Teaching Assistant Badge (about 12 workshops,
Existe-t-il des sessions spéciales pour les étudiants internationaux?Many of our endorsed sessions either integrate an international component or are delivered in such a way that encompasses a diversity of experiences. Our partners at International Student Services and Career Services are also involved in a number of initiatives geared specifically to serving this population. International Student Orientation: Sessions: What to do After You Graduate Post-Graduation Work Permit Session Canadian Interviews and How to Prepare for One Writing a Canadian Resume and Cover Letter Permanent Resident Information Session The Faculty of Graduate Studies also promotes GradXO (extended orientation) geared towards first year graduate students and international students.
Y a-t-il des possibilités de mentorat ou de stage au sein du programme?Skills-based internships (Transformative Talent Internships): Research-based Internships (Mitacs Accelerate): Graduate Students’ Mentorship Program:
Sur quelles habiletés ou compétences les sessions sont-elles axées?Expert, Leader, Innovator, Communicator.
Énumérez les sessions par sujet et identifiez celles qui sont le plus en demande.Sessions have been listed by topic above based on who hosts the session. Given that the delivery of these sessions is based on a distributed model rather than a centralized process, gathering metrics (e.g., program demand) is not possible at this time.
Qui est admissible aux sessions? (étudiants, postdoctoraux, anciens étudiants, etc.) Sessions are developed and delivered for a graduate student audience. In some cases postdoctoral fellows are also included (e.g., Mitacs workshops).
Les programmes de perfectionnement professionnels sont-ils obligatoires pour l?obtention du diplôme ou font-il partie de la liste de contrôle du superviseur? UCalgary does not have a mandatory PD requirement, though some graduate programs do offer PD courses that are a requirement (e.g., Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, etc.). A discussion of the benefits of and plans for PD is a component of our supervisor-graduate student check-list and annual report.
Le programme offre-t-il des crédits universitaires ou une reconnaissance officielle (insignes, certificats, etc.) pour les participants? Graduate Students’ Association: Taylor Institute of Teaching and Learning:
Qui développe et dirige les sessions? (études supérieures, autres départements, étudiants, professeurs, anciens étudiants, organisations externes, etc.) The Faculty of Graduate Studies, My GradSkills endorse the following partners: Faculty of Graduate Studies Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Career Services Graduate Students' Association International Student Services Environmental Health & Safety Leadership and Student Engagement Taylor Family Digital Library Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning Health Science Library Mitacs Research Services Student Success Centre Students' Union Wellness Some Departments also deliver their own department-specific programming, in many cases partnering together with the above groups.
De quelle manière fait-on la promotion des sessions? The two primary ways for connecting with graduate student are the weekly newsletters of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (Gradpost) and the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA News). These are sent out weekly to all graduate students. Our office also connects with graduate students through Twitter, LinkedIn, and digital screens across campus. Many Departments also promote sessions to graduate students through Department emails. My GradSkills also has a group of volunteer graduate students (My GradSkills Ambassadors, who volunteer to help promote PD to graduate students in their department (they also function to help provide feedback to evolve our programming). Note that the promotion of sessions is not limited to endorsed workshops and/or services.
Comment les participants s?inscrivent-ils? (grâce à un système centralisé ou à une entreprise partenaire) Given that sessions are not organized through a centralized system, the process of registering varies depending on the host. Currently, students can register for sessions by using one of the following methods: Direct email CareerLink ( Survey Monkey
Y a-t-il des coûts ou des tarifs supplémentaires pour les personnes inscrites? Sessions are typically free to registrants, with the exception of those hosted by Mitacs, where a $50 deposit is required and only charged if the registrant does not show up for the session.

Renseignements statistiques

Quel est le nombre de sessions par année?Workshops may be held once per year to once per month. There is currently a total of 61 unique endorsed sessions that run each year through the University of Calgary. Many of these sessions are hosted multiple times throughout the academic year.
Combien de membres du personnel participent à l?administration des sessions principales?There are 40 staff members who are involved in the administration of the endorsed workshops (i.e. the workshop facilitators).
Quelles sont les capacités d?inscription et quels sont les taux de participation? (par session, total des inscriptions, répartition par nombre d?étudiants/de postdoctoraux/d?anciens étudiants, par facultés, etc.)This information is not available at this time.
Comment la participation aux sessions est-elle évaluée? Facilitators are responsible for manually tracking the number of people who attended the session.
Existe-t-il des informations pour mesurer l?efficacité de la participation aux sessions et la garantie d?un emploi après la diplomation?N/A

Au niveau départemental

Les départements offrent-ils des programmes de perfectionnement professionnel à l?interne? Si oui, lesquels?Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Professional Skills in Health Science Research This mandatory course consists of a series of workshops focusing on skills essential for success in health science research including: research integrity, grant writing, verbal and written communication of research discoveries, and career development and options. School of Engineering, Professional Development I & II Topics covered include communication styles, supervisory relationships, presentation skills, and networking basics.
Existe-t-il une collaboration entre les départements et le bureau des programmes de perfectionnement professionnel? The Cumming School of Medicine based out of our Foothills campus is involved in a collaborative effort with main campus to develop professional development programming, including: Graduate Professional Development Program: Through this program students at the Foothills campus have access to a variety of sessions and events in the areas of: Academic Success, Professional Effectiveness, Career Development

Questions générales

Intégrez-vous des renseignements sur le marché du travail et les résultats dans le développement des composantes spécifiques des programmes de perfectionnement professionnel pour les étudiants des cycles supérieurs?N/A
Intégrez-vous des stratégies en vue de développer des relations positives avec les employeurs?Through our internship and mentorship programs we have built a strong network of professional contacts with employers across Canada and internationally. By serving as a liaison between employers and students through these programs, we are able to not only develop positive relationships with employers, but also allow students to do the same. We are also in the process of developing new programming in the areas of business development, entrepreneurship, and consulting by connecting with alumni and members of the business community to work together to develop and deliver programming.
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