Sondage sur le Programme de perfectionnement des étudiants des cycles supérieurs : vers une stratégie nationale

Les programmes de perfectionnement professionnels sont-ils obligatoires pour l?obtention du diplôme ou font-il partie de la liste de contrôle du superviseur?

Les programmes de perfectionnement professionnels sont-ils obligatoires pour l?obtention du diplôme ou font-il partie de la liste de contrôle du superviseur?




Athabasca UniversityNodétails
Brock UniversityJust recently, the co-op office has a mandatory workshop series for Master?s co-op students. Of the 48 graduate programs _ there are 3 programs(M Sustainability, M of History, M of Social Justice), one cohort, that take a weekly work placement preparation course. Embedded-PD in academic programs are mandatory. This year we will be survey all 49 academic programs to identify the types and format of PD requirements _ some are a PD seminar embedded within the program, others encourage attendance to workshops outside of their program (cocurricular). détails
Carleton UniversityThey are not mandatory. For those students who are working as TAs, professional development workshops can count toward their five paid pedagogical training hours per year.détails
Concordia UniversityNo workshops are not mandatory (except in some academic misconduct rulings). Increasingly we are getting requests from students to have workshops be recognized for credit, and from professors to have workshops as part of their graduate seminars. Some professors and programs recommend particular workshops to students détails
Dalhousie Only as departments require.détails
McGill UniversityNo, not University-wide. Two units (Integrated Program Neuroscience and Physiology) of 93 have RCR as mandatory, non-credit, and transcriptable. No _ The IDP is seen as an opportunity to speak with supervisor about skills. A University-wide project is currently underway for its implementation. détails
Memorial UniversityNodétails
Mount Allison UniversityNodétails
Nipissing UniversityNo PD programs are mandatory at this time. détails
Queen's UniversityThe professional development workshops are not mandatory. Some programs include some of the workshops into their own professional development programming and/or recommend certain workshops to their students.détails
Royal Roads UniversityFor some of our programs, the internship experience is required; for others, it is only required for students lacking professional experience in the field.détails
Ryerson UniversityNot mandatory. Not part of a checklist.détails
Saint Mary's UniversityNodétails
Simon Fraser University (SFU)Voluntarydétails
Université de SherbrookeThe course EFD901/911 is mandatory for first-year doctoral students from the Faculty of engineering. A maximum of 6 to 8 credits from CUEFR is mandatory for each diploma, for postdoctoral students. Postdoctoral students choose the courses with their supervisor, as part of their training programme. Otherwise, courses from CUEFR are chosen on an individual basis.détails
University of AlbertaAll graduate students from 2016 onward are required to complete 8 hours of PD and an IDP (Individual Development Plan) and all graduate students from 2007 onward are required to complete 8 hours of Ethics and Integrity training. All incoming students are also recommended to go through a student-supervisor checklist.détails
University of Calgary UCalgary does not have a mandatory PD requirement, though some graduate programs do offer PD courses that are a requirement (e.g., Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, etc.). A discussion of the benefits of and plans for PD is a component of our supervisor-graduate student check-list and annual report. détails
University of LethbridgeProfessional development or participation in the THRIVE program at this time is not mandatory for us at this time. Students and supervisors are strongly encouraged to attend as both part of our checklist for both students and supervisors. Professional seminar courses are offered in some disciplines but are outside of the THIRVE program mandate (see more information in the Departments section of this survey). détails
University of ManitobaNot mandatory détails
Université de MontéalLes programmes de perfectionnement ne sont pas obligatoires pour l?obtention du diplôme. Toutefois, il est attendu de la part du directeur de recherche qu?il encourage ses étudiants à suivre ces formations pour la construction de leur projet professionnel personnel. détails
University of New BrunswickSome are for SOME programs (e.g., Teaching Apprenticeships) but most others are not.détails
UOIT (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)Participation in the workshops are not mandatorydétails
University of OttawaNodétails
University of Prince Edward IslandNodétails
University of TorontoSome professors include them in their course, but this is rare. I prefer an optional approach.détails
University of VictoriaNo not mandatorydétails
University of WaterlooNodétails
The University of WinnipegAll workshops and programs are optional for students, although some are strongly encouraged. détails
Western UniversitySome programs have included a professional development course or milestone as part of their degree requirements. Currently, there are no other required programs. détails
York UniversityCurrently, the programs are not mandatory. We do have one program that is looking to make participation mandatory. We may see this in future. détails
Université du Québec à MontréalNon détails
Université du Québec à Trois-RIvièresNon détails
Université du Québec à ChicoutimiCompétences informationelles aux cycles supérieurs : obligatoire. Avant d’entreprendre la formation, les étudiants passent un test qui permet d’évaluer leurs compétences informationelles. Les étudiants dont les résultats atteignent le seuil de réussite fixé peuvent être exemptes de la formation détails
Université du Québec à RimouskiNon détails
Université du Québec à OutaouaisNon détails
Université du Québec à Abitibi-TémiscamingueNon détails
Institut National de la Recherche ScientifiqueNon détails
École Nationale d'Administration PubliqueNon détails
École de Technologie SupérieureIntégrité intellectuelle : un savoir-être et un savoir-faire : obligatoire

Formations aux compétences professionnelles : UEC
Laurentian University No, they are not mandatory or part of a supervisor checklist détails
Polytechnique Montreal La réussite des 4 ateliers obligatoires est une condition de passage de l’examen de synthèse (ou examen préparatoire). Donc, il s’agit d’une condition pour la poursuite des études et l’obtention du diplôme. détails
Universite du Quebec (Siege Social) No, they are not mandatory or part of a supervisor checklist détails